Fictional Minerals Infographic for Buy Metal Online Takes Off

About two months ago we were asked by the people at the steel sheet website called Buy Metal Online to design and promote an infographic for them. As you can imagine coming up with something that was both relevant and interesting for the site was really difficult but after racking our brains and searching the web for a few hours we managed to come up with some ideas. We sent them off to the client and let them know which ones we thought would do best and they decided to go with one about fictional minerals.

So we went to work and because we have seen made up periodic tables such as the one on Search Engine Land do well in the past we decided that would be a great way to display the data about the various fictional minerals we could find online. We categorised the made up minerals into 6 different sections including minerals from TV shows, animated series, games, comic books, films and literature and here is the finished thing:

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Fictional Minerals Infographic for Buy Metal Online

We showed the infographic to the client and they were happy with it so we went ahead and added it to the site along with some social media buttons to encourage sharing. To check it out click here.

As soon as we did that I got started on the promotion work and began by submitting the infographic to various infographic blogs and posting links to it on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I also emailed a bunch of geeky bloggers who I thought would appreciate the piece and from there the infographic just took off. Here is some information about the results it got.


Since the infographic went online it has received just short of 7,000 visitors from blogs, social sites etc. Here is a list of the amount of hits it has got each week so far.

  • 17/06 – 23/06 – 2033
  • 24/06 – 30/06 – 425
  • 01/07 – 07/07 – 2607
  • 08/07 – 14/07 – 1213

And I am confident that the infographic will go on generating traffic for many months to come.

Social Media:

The infographic has done well on a number of social sites and in particular it did well on Facebook. Here is some information about the votes it got on the top social networks.

  • Facebook likes – 316
  • Facebook shares – 185
  • Tweets – 82
  • Google+1s – 58
  • Pins – 8


I am proud to say that this infographic has done incredibly well as far as links go and has been linked to by well over 40 quality blogs and news websites, most notably it got featured on the Washington Post and one of the top blogs MakeUseOf. Here is a list of the top 5 links in my opinion.

As you can probably imagine the client was very pleased with the report that we sent them and one of the directors of the company Sara Halman Thompson said this:

“We have really enjoyed working with Infographic Promotion to create a fun and visually stimulating infographic which has allowed us to cost effectively drive traffic and links and create Facebook shares. We were extremely excited that the Washington Post featured it, showing how compelling an infographic can be and we would highly recommend Infographic Promotion to anyone looking to leverage the power of infographics.”

If you like what you see and are interested in us creating and promoting an infographic for your site then please contact us and we will send you information and a quotation.

David Eaves

Owner of Infographic Promotion based in Morecambe

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