Here at Infographic Promotion we offer a range of infographic services including infographic design, social media marketing and blog promotion and we have setup a page for each area so that you can learn more about what’s involved, the rewards and the cost.

What’s the Cost?

If you want a full service infographic package including ideas, research, design, social media and blog promotion, we charge a one off cost of £700 and we will complete the entire project within 3-4 weeks.

Please click on the links below to find out more about our 3 main service areas.

Infographic Design

We will design a relevant and interesting infographic for your business website and we will take care of everything including ideas, research and design. To learn more click here.

Social Media Marketing

We will help you to market your infographic on a wide range of social media websites by adding social buttons to your infographic page and sending messages. To learn more click here.

Blog Promotion

We will send out loads of emails on your behalf to infographic bloggers, general bloggers and industry specific bloggers and ask them to publish your infographic along with a link to your site. To learn more click here.