Blog Promotion

Getting links from high quality blogs and news sites is great for two reasons 1/ they can send loads of extra traffic to your website and 2/ if the links are direct then they can pass link juice to your website which helps with search engine optimisation. Many of our clients are doing well in the search engines and some of them rank for competitive terms, thanks to our blog promotion service.

What’s Involved?

Once your infographic with large social media buttons is setup properly, we will start contacting bloggers asking them to publish it. 1st of all we will submit your piece to infographic blogs like:

To name a few. Next up we know a number of general bloggers who love to publish and link to our stuff, who we will contact. Finally we will scour the web to find industry specific bloggers, who blog about stuff relevant to your site and we will ask them to either publish or link to your infographic. We have had great success using this technique.

The Rewards?

Our blog promotion package will get you lots of high quality, editorial blog links and news site links for your website, which is one of best ways to increase your rankings in the search engines. Some of the most popular infographics we have done have received 50-100 quality links. Generally speaking our infographics will receive a bare minimum of 15-30 straight links and we do not include scrapers or anything like that – we only count quality blogs with original content. A week or two after we start the promotion of your infographic we will send you a full links report showing all of the links our infographic got for your site.

The Cost?

Blog promotion comes as standard with our full service infographic design and promotion service, which costs £700. If you already have an infographic that you would like us to promote on blogs then the cost is £175, but your infographic must be good enough for us to take it on.