Infographic Design

We will design an infographic for your business website that is both relevant and interesting. We have been designing and promoting infographics for the past two years and have found that doing them is one of the very best ways to get votes on social media websites and links from blogs which can help with search engine optimisation.

What’s Involved?

If you would like us to do an infographic for you, then contact us with your website address. We will go out and do lots of research and 3-4 days later we will come back to you with a number of infographic ideas for you to choose from. Once you have decided and let us know, we will go ahead and create the infographic for you and about 10-14 days later, we will email you the 1st draft. If you are happy then we will help you to get it published, if you are not happy then we will keep making changes until you are satisfied.

The Rewards?

Getting a relevant infographic made for your website and having it marketed professionally, is one of the very best ways to get traffic from social media websites and links from blogs. Generally speaking our infographics will get at least 3,000 – 10,000 visitors and at least 15-30 quality, direct blog links. However, ones that really take off can get far more than that. Learn more about the rewards by checking out our portfolio.

The Cost?

We can do an infographic for you including: ideas, research and design for a one off cost of £550, but that does not include promotion. For a full service package including design, social media marketing and blog promotion, the cost is £700.