Social Media

Here at Infographic Promotion, we have a team of professional social media marketers that will help you to promote your infographic on a wide range of social media websites. Our team have been doing this since 2007 and we know everything there is to know about social media.

What’s Involved?

The 1st and most important part of social media marketing is to make sure that you have the right social buttons setup and working properly on your infographic page – to make it easy for your readers to share. Generally speaking we will get you setup with the big fat social buttons that show the vote count, as we have found that those buttons work the best. Most of the time we will include buttons for the following sites:

Once your infographic is setup properly and the social buttons are working, we will then go out and start to contact relevant social media users and social media pages and ask them to share your infographic. If the infographic is a good one, a lot of the social users will share and many are grateful for the tip.

The Rewards?

If the infographic is a good one then you may receive hundreds or even thousands of votes on social media websites which can send loads of traffic. Some of our more successful infographics have got over 50,000 extra hits. With our social media marketing service you can generally expect at least 50-100 votes on each of the social sites mentioned above and at least 3,000-5,000 extra hits.

The Cost?

If you buy our full service infographic design and promotion service then social media marketing is included and the cost is £700 – one off. If you already have an infographic that you want us to market on social sites then the cost is £175, however your infographic must be up to scratch for us to take it on.