Tiger Farming Infographic for the Born Free Foundation

Two or 3 weeks ago we were contacted by the Born Free Foundation and they asked us if we would be able to create an infographic for them to go along with a report they were publishing which highlighted not only the critically low number of tigers in the wild, but that nearly double that amount can be found in captive facilities in Asia.

We did a bit of research and saw pictures of these tiger farms in Asia and were absolutely disgusted at the conditions some of the big cats were being kept in – kind of like concentration camps for tigers:

Tiger FarmImage Source

Because it was such a good cause we wanted to help and offered to do the infographic for them at less than half price and we threw in free marketing as well. We were given a very tight deadline and had to deliver the completed infographic in about 5 days. We worked very hard and managed to pull it off exactly how they wanted it.

The 1st draft we came up with was very arty and included really cool illustrations of tigers, but that was not what they wanted. We took out the tiger pics and just delivered the facts with sections on tiger sub species, Global captive and wild tiger population and more. Check it out:

Tiger Farming Infographic for the Born Free Foundation

We promoted the infographic for them and got some really good feedback on the blogs and social sites – Most of the people who commented agreed that tiger farming for commercial reasons is wrong.

The people at Born Free were very pleased with the work we did for them and their digital marketing assistant Nick Weston said this:

“Infographic Promotion did a fantastic job of creating a stimulating and informative infographic for Born Free Foundation and the EIA on the topic of tiger farming. This undertaking is all the more impressive when taking to account the short deadline, complex subject matter and the online blog promotion that was included in the low price.”

To view the infographic and the report on the Born Free website click here

David Eaves

Owner of Infographic Promotion based in Morecambe

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